Friday, June 26, 2009

Amos Taman

To many, Amos Taman is an urban hero. He's the genius behind the technology that allows you to pay for your cab with a credit card in major cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Amos Taman moved to the United States from Israel in the 1980s looking for a brand new start in the land of opportunity. An electrical engineer trained at Tel Aviv University, Amos began servicing taxi cabs in New York City. 20 years later he's the CEO of Veriphone Transportation Systems, the industry leader in wireless technology that enables taxis to accept credit cards.

Amos Taman and his ingenuity have transformed the taxi industry by giving customers the ability to pay by credit card and providing content through touch-screens in the back of a cab.

YMT Vacations: Canadian Rockies

For more than 40 years,YMT Vacations has offered affordable, all-inclusive vacation packages and travel tours to mature adults. They specialize in providing quality and care-free discount vacations packages. Over 1 million travelers have visited their destination with one of Your Man Tours programs.

Take a journey through the Canada with YMT Vacations Canadian Rockies tour. For 14 days you will go from Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Calgary as you trace the pioneer history of America's Great Northwest. You'll visit Little Big Horn battlefied, Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse National Memorials and take a SnoCoach ride over Athabasca Glacier in the Columbia Icefields. You'll even visit an authentic pioneer villiage.

YMT Vacations offers guided coach tours of Napa Valley Wine Country and an Autumn Leaves Tour through beautiful New England. There's a perfect trip for everyone.

SRC Leads: Targeted Marketing

SRC Leads, founded in 1998, provides specialty prospect leads and lists for the life insurance industry. SRC is the premier provider of product specific survey responder files and they are committed to their client's success. SRC provides the strongest guarantees in the industry and their customers are their number one priority.

Targeted marketing leads turn into new business and new business turns into revenue, but finding new leads can be time consuming and costly. 
SRC Leads has found an effective and reliable way to deliver leads to sales professionals in the industries of long-term care, annuities, financial planning, reverse mortgage, debt refinance and many other financial market niches.

SRC Leads has a large database of new consumers that is refreshed every 3 months and is categorized by product need and by geography. The result is a fresh and targeted list of leads this is cross-referenced for consistency.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Frank Hanna III

Frank Hanna III is the CEO of Hanna Capital, an investment firm that he runs with his brother in Atlanta, Georgia.  Hanna Capital seeks to achieve extraordinary returns through investments in both for-profit and nonprofit entities.

The issues of faith and how they relate to business is the topic of the book, "What Your Money Means, written by Frank Hanna III.  He has been invited to speak to Catholic leaders at the Vatican and the Catholic bishops' conference.

Frank Hanna III has been recognized for his charitable work by receiving the William B. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership, and the David R. Jones Award for Philanthropic Leadership.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


K-Designers was started by Larry and Lee Judson in 1978 with a single location in Laramie, WY and today has grown to 11 locations nationwide with over 900 employees.

With over 30 years of remodeling experience K-Designers has won many national awards for their expert design, premium products and quality craftsmanship, including the Qualified Remodeler "Top 500" Award.  Finding a contractor that you trust and respects your time is not an easy task. K-Designers prides itself on making your remodeling project a pleasant experience.

K-Designers offers a wide range of home renovation services including, siding, custom windows, garage doors, storm doors and design accessories.

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan founded the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society in 1986.  Their mission is to fight against ignorance, slavery, bigotry, racism, war, disease, dogma and superstition to seed future generations with beauty, power, knowledge and freedom.

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan founded the society for the purpose of gathering, translating and teaching the Wheels and Keys of the Sweet medicine SunDance Path which promotes a spiritual practice  in the ways of the Twisted Hairs medicine men and women of Turtle Island.

Dedicated to teaching and inspiring his students, Harley SwiftDeer Reagan teaches one-on-one consultations, physical mastery training and ceremony.