Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Looking for a great hostess gift? One of my favorite ways to thank a friend who has graciously invited me to their home is to send a beautiful bouquet of flowers ahead of time. It's an impressive and hassle free gift; one that doesn't leave your busy host searching for a vase. has a wide variety of flowers and potted plants to choose from. You simply can't go wrong with their exclusive Martha Stewart collection. Need something in a hurry? They also offer same day, local florist delivery.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Remodeling your home is an exciting adventure, but it can also be stressful. Finding a contractor that you trust and respects your time is not an easy task. K-Designers prides itself on making your remodeling project a pleasant experience.

Founded in 1978 by Larry and Lee Judson, K-Designers has grown to be one of the largest contractors in the United States with over 900 employees and associates. Larry Judson credits his company's success to the commitment they make to their customers of providing the best value for their money.

K-Designers offers siding, garage doors, patio doors, and windows and many other products that can turn your home into your dream home.

Renew International

RENEW International is a Roman Catholic ministry organization that seeks to foster spiritual renewal through their ministry services. They serve millions of Catholic Parishoners across the world, including 150 dioceses in the United States.

In 1976, RENEW International was created when two Catholic priests, Monsignors Tom Kleissler and Tom Ivory came together to make their dream of a refreshed Catholic Church into a reality.

RENEW International
provides many ministries, including Campus RENEW which is specially designed for the development of future leaders in the Church at campus and universities, and Why Catholic? where participants receive a guided tour through sacred scriptures.

Frank J. Hanna

Frank J. Hanna is an Atlanta based entrepreneur and CEO of Hanna Capital, LLC, a family owned investment firm and author of the book "What Your Money Means."

The Philanthropy Roundtable honored Frank J. Hanna for his religious philanthropy. He is a trustee of the Papal Foundation, which supports worldwide charitable endeavors and has helped to found three Catholic schools in Atlanta.

Frank J. Hanna has also been recognized for his charitable work by receiving the William B. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership, and the David R. Jones Award for Philanthropic Leadership.

YMT Vacations

For more than 40 years, YMT Vacations has offered affordable, all-inclusive vacation packages and travel tours to mature adults. They specialize in providing quality and care-free discount vacations packages. Over 1 million travelers have visited their destination with one of Your Man Tours programs.

The unforgettable Oberammergau Tour by YMT Vacations will bring you through Germany, Austria and Italy. You will travel to the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Salzburg, Austria and visit Roman ruins in Italy. The highlight of this tour is the Obermmergau Passion Play with over 2,000 performers involved in the production.

YMT Vacations offers guided coach tours, cruise tours and a combination of both. There is a dream vacation for everyone.

Sak Narwal

Sak Narwal has a deep love for fishing. Connecting with nature and visiting some of the most beautiful places to fish is what he finds relaxing and satisfying. A strictly "catch and release" fisherman, Sak Narwal has fished for everything from bass to sharks and traveled all over the world.

Sak Narwal describes himself has an amateur ichtyologist. He wants to know everything about the technology of fishing. He studies the environments and feeding habits of both fresh and salt-water fish.