Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Linus Gitahi on Kenyan Runners

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics Kenyan runners earned 14 medals. Female distance runner Pamela Jelimo and Samuel Wanjiru, led the Kenyan charge by winning gold in the women’s 800 meters and the men’s marathon, respectively. Linus Gitahi writes about Kenyan runners and says that many have studied the runners and even traveled to Kenya to learns how to run like one.

Linus Gitahi believes that one key difference in may be that Kenyan runners train on dirt and grass compared to convential runners on asphalt and other hard surfaces. Soft surface training injuries allowing runners to reach the full potential without aches and pains.

Linus Gitahi also says that Kenyan running is actually "Kalenjin running." Most of the Kenyan runners belong to the Kalenjin tribe, an ethinic group that makes up 10 percent of the population and live in the western highlands.

SRC Leads

SRC Leads, founded in 1998, provides specialty prospect leads and lists for the life insurance industry. SRC is the premier provider of product specific survey responder files.

Finding new leads can be time consuming and costly. SRC Leads has found an effective and reliable way to deliver leads to sales professionals in the industries of long-term care, annuities, financial planning, reverse mortgage, debt refinance and many other financial market niches.

Through direct mail marketing to consumers who have specific financial or insurance needs,
SRC Leads is able to maintain a database of new consumers that is refreshed every three months.

YMT Vacations Seattle-Hawaii Cruise

YMT Vacations offers the mature adult traveler the opportunity to go on a dream vacation. Take the 17 day Seattle-Hawaii Cruise and Tour, for example. After arriving in Seattle you'll spend a day touring the city before driving to beautiful Vancouver where you'll board a Carnival Cruise Ship and begin your five day sea voyage to Hawaii.

You'll spend the next few days with YMT Vacations exploring the Hawaiian Islands including a leisurely day in Honolulu. America's best choice for affordable travel since 1967, YMT Vacations will give you the Hawaiian vacation of your dreams.

A Golden Opportunity with Andrew Wilshire

Andrew Wilshire is a successful entrepreneur with years of investing experience and a knack for spotting money making trends. He specializes in precious metals and has long recommend investing in gold. Historically gold has been a safe investment during a recession and Andrew Whilshire chronicles the rise and fall of precious metals on his blog where he comments and gives advice to interested investors.

Andrew Wilshire
not only recommends investing in gold, but he collects it too. He also collects gemstones, including: aquamarines, diamonds, emeralds, opals, pearl, ruby, sapphires, spinels and topaz. Check his blog for more information on investing in precious metals.

Posh Campus Living by Shasta Pools

I'm not sure how often I would have made it to class if my college dorm had a resort-style pool like the one Shasta Pools installed at Arizona State University, but it's just one of the exciting projects that has Shasta Pools bringing luxury to campuses all over the Valley.

The 2240 square foot free form pool includes a spa and a vast sun deck. Shasta Pools designed the symmetrical pool to compliment the architecture of the building. Teaming up with Hardison Downey Kitchell and American Campus Communities, Shasta Pools has provided a luxurious place for students to lounge, socialize and barbecue while earning their degrees

Monday, May 4, 2009

Flowers for Mother's Day

Mothers day is quickly approaching and time is running out to buy a gift. What better way to show your love and appreciation for mom than a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

You can save time and money by shopping for Mother's day gifts at Their Mothers day gifts center makes it easy to find the perfect present for the mom in your life. Choose from flowers, potted plants, chocolates and the lovely Martha Stewart collection. You can be sure to please with flowers from