Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Linus Gitahi on Kenyan Runners

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics Kenyan runners earned 14 medals. Female distance runner Pamela Jelimo and Samuel Wanjiru, led the Kenyan charge by winning gold in the women’s 800 meters and the men’s marathon, respectively. Linus Gitahi writes about Kenyan runners and says that many have studied the runners and even traveled to Kenya to learns how to run like one.

Linus Gitahi believes that one key difference in may be that Kenyan runners train on dirt and grass compared to convential runners on asphalt and other hard surfaces. Soft surface training injuries allowing runners to reach the full potential without aches and pains.

Linus Gitahi also says that Kenyan running is actually "Kalenjin running." Most of the Kenyan runners belong to the Kalenjin tribe, an ethinic group that makes up 10 percent of the population and live in the western highlands.

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